Why Information Technology matters to Oregon State Police- OSP IT Service Desk

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Information Technology (IT) plays an increasing important role within the Oregon State Police (OSP) and will long into the future.   As OSP continues looking for ways to improve and increase efficiencies to better serve, staying current on ever-evolving technology is a key component. Within OSP IT, there are three main sections supporting this mission and are engaged and connected to almost anything and everything that uses power.   From new technical project review and development, to day-to-day life cycle and operational resources, OSP IT is there. 

OSP’s IT-Service Desk is one of the key groups within IT, along with the Application and Infrastructure teams.  The Service Desk is staffed with 14 people, including the manager and an asset/inventory coordinator. This team is primarily tasked with all operational service requests and support issues and troubleshooting.  Most of the Service Desk staff are at headquarters in Salem, but 3 of the 14 work in the Bend, Central Point, or Portland offices to help provide in-person support across all 36 counties.  The Service Desk provides standard support on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, with for all hardware and software issues with help from the rest of the IT team and our partners in OSP’s Fleet Services. The Service Desk also provides 24×7 on call and escalation coverage for essential hardware and software issues including nights and weekends.

In addition to standard in-office support, OSP IT Service Desk provides support for mobile computers, printers, mobile dash and body cameras, and network connectivity for each Trooper and vehicle across the state.  Like the select individuals that decide to become Troopers, not everyone is cut out for IT.  If you love gadgets and data, welcome change, and can talk about gigs and RAIDs (not the law enforcement kind) for hours, you know what we’re talking about. 

Just like working at your home office or cubicle, OSP Troopers work from their vehicles most of their day. Here are some examples of what OSP’s IT Service Desk supports:

Standard mobile IT equipment and services for Troopers: Each Trooper has a rugged MDT (mobile data terminal) with cellular connectivity that is used to access critical law enforcement data, Microsoft communications tools, and over 10 other specific applications used within the organization.  

Dash Camera systems for vehicles: All standard sworn employee vehicles have an in-dash camera system. This system is configured to continuously record and capture videos of all events: crimes, violations, critical, and routine traffic stops.

Body Worn Cameras for Troopers: Troopers have a body worn camera (BWC) and an in-vehicle docking station for uploading and a quick charge.  The BWC syncs with the in-car system for triggers and mobile review.

Mobile Office: Several agency vehicles are also equipped with mobile hotspots for seamless connectivity/mobile data and wireless printing.  Using their MDT or the other technology in the vehicle, Troopers can run inquiries, write citations and warnings, print, view a video, and write and send reports without having to go into the office.    

In addition to the standard Trooper and routine administrative staff technology, OSP IT Service Desk assists with projects, special operations, and exciting new cutting-edge technology.  For example, the Service Desk recently assisted the Crash Reconstruction team with their new mobile crime scene 3D scanning and mapping technology solution.

IT now has a vital role at OSP, from the beginning, by reviewing and selecting a solution, to the ongoing maintenance and support of our deployed technology. The IT team is up to the challenges facing OSP’s technology needs.  We look forward to shaping and supporting the agency’s future through ever changing technology.  

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